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Vov Sticky Notes – this program allows you to put notes on your desktop and set reminders for important events. The main function of this application is to enable users to put colorful stickers on the desktop. You can make it as many times as you want, you can resize and change the font, but there is no way to hide the title bar. The name displayed in the title bar is also created automatically and you cannot leave a note on all other windows, nor can the note be hidden after it has been created.

Who wants to support the author, for only $20 you can buy a license, who doesn’t want to do it, I personally don’t, sorry, I think I understand, but actually you can download Vov Sticky Notes for free on our website from the link at full news. The portable version requires no installation, requires no key and opening for registration, disassembly and use.

With Vov Sticky Notes, you can create reminders that display a notification on your desktop at a specific time. This can be a one-time, hourly, daily, monthly or annual alarm. However, you can’t choose between different types of notifications, turn off the default beep, or replace it with a personalized one. It is also not possible to edit a reminder once it has been created. While they can be easily removed from the system tray menu, it can be difficult to identify a particular record because its description is not displayed.

In general, the software is not bad, but there are too many flaws, I don’t think it’s worth the money, but of course it’s not for me to decide, the author has the right to set his own price.

License: ShareWare


Size: 5MB

Operating System: Windows XP +

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1). Instructions are included if needed.

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Vov Sticky Notes 7

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