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Silverdome is a UK-based property specialist company fundamentally committed to offering secure, valuable, and high-yield residential property investments in prime locations across the UK.

We profoundly believe that the development of uniquely designed co-living spaces is an answer to a number of the housing and mental well-being challenges of our time. It helps fight not only the housing crisis but also the growing intolerance and loneliness.

Our response was the creation of a network of beautiful shared homes that people actually enjoy to call homes. We wanted to provide a great new co-living experience centered around flexibility, convenience, and happiness.


We are consistently improving our co-living spaces and the living experience of our members. Whether it’s through the technology, the design of the houses or the comfort of the rooms, our main focus is the happiness of our tribes.
We looked at the history of house sharing and came to one clear conclusion — it was
time for a radical change.

A Bigger Tribe

We are a tribe-centered company and our goal is to continue to help our members connect through dinners, parties and other events throughout the year.

Our goal is to cultivate a strong & dynamic collaboration between our tribe members. Every house is designed to support a purpose-driven life amongst our members and we make sure we never miss an opportunity to help them connect.

Our Tribe