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Easy torrent download Torrenting has become one of the most commonly used ways to share large amounts of data over the Internet, and the uTorrent Web gives you access to concept capabilities. The internet is their latest offering. Obviously, this is a much cleaner, simplified version of the classic uTorrent program, but with some improvements. You can now search the program to find the files you want without leaving the program. If you already have a magnetic link or torrent file, simply drag it into the app to start the download. For media, such as video files, you can stream content directly from the app. The interface is simple and seems to focus on reaching a less technically savvy audience than is usually associated with ({(‘review-app-page-desktop’ function;}); not for powerful users UTorrent Web has made the program more accessible compared to the classic version, but there are some trade-offs.Many features are missing, such as port control, tracking management and bandwidth planning.Because it is a web client, you also need to have an open browser to use.

UTorrent Web

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