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You will love and hate. Project Stealth FPS is a first-person tactical video where you play an undercover agent tasked with retrieving information from a stolen kernel. Developed by Innerloop Studios and released by Eidos Interactive in 2000, the game is also known as Project: I’m Going and has a heist that resembles the Metal Gear Solid series. This gave rise to a sequel: “The hidden dangerous life of an undercover agent.” The project follows the story of Agent Jones, who is tasked with capturing Joseph Priboy in order to obtain information about the missing nuclear warhead. You play mission levels in various places where you need to complete objectives to get closer to the current location of the Indigenous. They will be unlocked after you have completed the previous task. Jones came up with a headset for Annie, which gave her aim, pointing at the area; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); You start with 4 different types of weapons: a combat knife and three different types of weapons. You also have binoculars and a map that includes progress and goal logs. To get more items, such as ammunition, grenades, and medical supplies, you need to research your current location, but weapons and ammunition can easily be won over enemies who are knocked out when they are not used to destroying. So you have to be patient and eliminate all hostile NPCs to take care of yourself; The game emphasizes theft, because there are also cameras and alarms. You can enter the security building to turn off the camera for a few minutes, but it has a hidden timer, so we recommend destroying it when you can. Alarms can also be turned off with buttons spread across the ground, but they will sound again if the enemy is warned enough. Unfortunately, they tend to miss his presence; Prepare for your frustration The enemy’s poor artificial intelligence is one of the game’s main drawbacks. They have a limited field of view and sound, if you fire one silent gun, they usually won’t hear it and won’t even see a corpse if they’re far enough. The alarm also doesn’t affect all enemies, although in some ways this limit may be related to the lack of gameplay, which does not lead to a deadly method of elimination that does nothing; Another game is the absence of a game system. There are no checkpoints to load you in the middle of a task. When you die, the operation fails and you recover on top, all progress is lost, and most of the missions are long. It doesn’t help if you don’t have a way to eliminate enemies without their voices, so it just makes the game unpleasant; The final problem is the lack of a multiplayer mode, although this doesn’t really matter in the game. However, it is still disappointing that shooter games quietly employ tactical mechanics and don’t allow players to band together or fight against each other like other shooting game generations. : Covert Strike gets this form and a chance to save, as fans want a reference point for future stealth games. Project at that time was a highly anticipated game because it had a different style of play compared to other FPS games at the time. Lack of vital functions and the tedious general programming of artificial intelligence in responsefor the actions of players who have had an unsatisfactory experience. However, unexpectedly, it continued to be popular and is now a nostalgic masterpiece in the childhood of fans who stole photos.

Project IGI

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