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Important Note: Microsoft Word 2013 is no longer the download button for this program and leads you to the latest version of Word. You can also find the Premium version and create your best work with the version of Office that is also available. Click here to get started with your 30-day 2013, the latest word processor from Microsoft, part of Office 2013. It’s improved performance in the old version, and you do not like the ribbon interface introduced in Office 2007 no, then you will not like Word 2013. The ribbon interface is back, but it has been improved. Menu items have been moved to make frequently used features more accessible. The menu items on the ribbon have received cosmetic updates, so that it can be more easily distinguished from one that is also a ‘Touch Mode’, which touches Word 2013 much more easily than previous versions. This mode is only available if you have a touch screen computer. The buttons become larger, making it easier to select the splash screen. It has been redesigned to be more useful. You can see your recent documents, as well as a bunch of new templates. There is also a search box at the top where you can search for more templates online. This is extremely useful, since Word 2013 does not include all forms of photo formatting, it is now much easier as Word 2013 can extract photos from your Flickr, Facebook and SkyDrive account. Word 2013 also allows you to search for images using Bing under the Creative Commons license. There are also new guides to make it easier to place and enlarge images within Word. Word compatibility has also been significantly improved in Word 2013. PDF files will now open in Word as if they were Word documents. You can convert Word documents to PDF, which retains the formatting you created. Being able to convert and open PDF files in Word 2013 for Word 2013 is the ability to download applications. Microsoft has an Office application store where you can download and install various productivity tools such as dictionaries. Although some programs are useful, take up screen space and do not work well with multiple documents in one, it also becomes easier with Word 2013. You can still keep track of changes, but if you have an Office 365 account, the comments can work with anyone ‘s document is synchronized so that everyone working on the document has access to the latest version. Comments can be marked as factual and will be gray, making you less satisfied with your current word processor. There may not be enough new features to make the Word 2013 upgrade attractive. Word 2013 still offers incremental updates and features that make it the best version of the word processor to date.

Microsoft Word 2013

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