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Microsoft User Board The Microsoft Whiteboard is a collaboration tool that allows Microsoft users to quickly share ideas with others. The app allows you and your team to draw or write as if using ink. Although it is designed to work best with the stylus, it is perfectly suitable for people with a desktop computer; However, it has good interactions between programs and other programs in the Microsoft Office suite, so if you already use Microsoft tools for your team, Whiteboard will be a great new idea anywhere Microsoft Whiteboard is a free-form fabric where users can write or to draw their own ideas. The app also allows you and your teammate to add sticky notes and images to the canvas to further expand any concept you enter or draw. You can also put things on the boards and move them to cleanup (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); do not use the keyboard. This means that you can easily draw everything, even the wrong shape. In addition, there is intelligent ink technology that turns your scribbles into beautiful shapes, tables and lines. You can even copy, paste and combine them to make them great; Collaborate with your team In addition to providing space for your creative ideas, Whiteboard brings your entire team together, no matter where they are. It comes with real-time collaboration features that allow anyone with access to the canvas to see everything added to it. All users who have access to the canvas can be ink in the same area where you place your ideas or run a new one on top of another; Microsoft Whiteboard is also ideal for writing streams of processes and brainstorming presentations. Everything your team does on board is automatically entered into the Microsoft cloud so you can continue where you left off;However, the program can only be used by groups that all have Microsoft accounts. Also, although they are similar to Microsoft OneNote, some features are only available for the program. It’s also lighter than OneNote, which takes up too much storage space. However, this is far behind and the scaling of the canvas to see short texts is small; A useful tool for your creative team Overall, Microsoft Whiteboard is a great tool for improving your team’s performance. The app offers a seemingly endless canvas, so you can leave any ideas for your business or organization. In addition, its real-time collaboration provides convenient communication between your team. This way, you and your teammates can juggle ideas back and forth without being in the same room. There are a few caveats about exclusivity and some usability issues, but they can be ignored. This is usually the recommended program if you are looking for reliable collaboration;

Microsoft Whiteboard

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