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FileCenter DMS is the most complete and cost-effective document management software for small offices. It combines easy file and organization scanning with powerful PDF creation and editing. It also includes OCR, search, and integration with cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Feature by item, FileCenter DMS offers at a price that the competition can’t match.

Small Business Document Management

Professional offices and small businesses have been largely neglected when it comes to document management and DMS. This includes financial planners, lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, production machines, warehouses of any small industry that has to process and prepare a large number of papers. Whether it’s invoices or receipts, contracts or quality control documents, financial reports or medical records and real estate plans, these industries have been forced to fight under the weight and cost of entire business systems, or have decided to do without.

FileCenter DMS fills this gap with a complete, affordable DMS designed specifically for small businesses.

You can import all of your existing FileCenter DMS files into an organization, without aggressive additions or changes, and then start enjoying FileCenter’s powerful document management features, such as naming options, folder templates, and easy document search.

Manage file sorting from a single interface

A powerful document management software doesn’t have to be complicated. Organize your files, analyze paper documents, edit your PDFs and meaningfully recall your memory from a clean and simple screenshot: electronic filing cabinets. These cabinets use a standard cabinet/drawer/folder layout for smooth flow from left to right. The closet automatically “covers” normal Windows folders, so you can view your existing files in closets without importing. You can also store any type of Windows folder in the closet. (If you prefer the traditional look and feel of Explorer, FileCenter also provides a browser preview.)

Open to save any file type

FileCenter DMS can store any type of Windows file. It also fully integrates with the Save and Unlock features of most apps. This means you can (optionally) replace your normal Windows/Windows dialog box with custom versions of FileCenter. Save files directly to your file cabinets from most of your apps, as part of your regular flow, no input required. Then open it again from FileCenter in your favorite apps. This integration can be enabled/disabled on an app-and-app basis.

Saving files and specified naming conventions

Now the most boring part of file storage is the simplest: pick a name. Keep a list of common file names. Add dynamic data if desired. When you save or change a filename over time, you can rename it with a mouse click. FileCenter DMS Professional and Pro Plus also add file naming sessions known as Naming Options. They can contain dynamic data such as date, customer or patient name, and promotion. You can even extract the file name text from the barcode or OCR text of the document. Give it a name and save a new file or scan with a few clicks.

Managementincoming files via inbox

If you receive a consistent file stream in a particular folder, FileCenter DMS: can show you a split view with this box above and your regular cabinets below. Incoming files are easy to move to cabinets. Combine this item with the naming options and the Rename item and you can arrange and rename various incoming files by dragging and dropping them.

Have a consistent layout of template folders

Set up default folder designs like cake by changing folder settings to reusable templates. You can define folder settings that you can use as simple or complex as you want, as well as folders with detailed columns. You can then apply these settings to any tray or folder. They become very useful when you add a new drawer or folder and apply a folder layout at the same time. Fixed settings are the key to a simple file organization system.

System requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 (or higher). Full compatibility with 64-bit machines.

CPU: 750MHz

Memory: 500MB RAM*

Hard disk space: 100 MB *

Scanner: TWAIN compliant scanner or ScanSnap

* Additional memory and processor speed are highly recommended for better OCR performance. Additional hard drive space is required for search indexes that search on desktop

Lucion Filecenter Suite Pro Plus v11

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