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Free Web Browser by Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is a free web browser for Microsoft Windows computers and computers. IE 9 was developed and published by Microsoft and is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Many new features have been added to this version of Internet Explorer such as speed boost, privacy status, tabs, what? Is Internet Explorer 9 still supported? Internet Explorer 9, released in 2011, has become an obsolete app. Although the developer, Microsoft, stated that IE9 will not receive further technical support or security updates, you can still download and install the web browser on Windows operating systems. However, Internet Explorer 9 does not apply to Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows XP (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Features of IE 9 Internet Explorer 9 were major improvements from Internet Explorer 8 and previous versions: Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 6, n.k. IE8 has a mixed user interface, which updates the IE9 update. The user interface went from chaotic to minimalist. The three icon lines in IE 8 are shortened to a single command bar in the IE command column contained in the Internet Explorer 9 browser. The default and back buttons are on the left side of the line. The address bar is located next to two keys. Search, refresh, and pause images are subtly placed next to the URL bar. You can expand the menu next to the magnifying glass to search; If you are having trouble loading web pages, you can click the arrow button next to the magnifying glass to refresh the content. The X icon can stop the redirect process on the pages immediately. Pages that have been opened in the browser are displayed as tabs on the right side of the location bar. Many tabs can be opened in the logo and the web name appears on the tab next to the X (which you can click to order from the web page). To open a new tab, simply click the space next to the web used in the command line. The square expands and reads the new Tab. The page that automatically opens is where the most popular websites you use are three icons to the right of the command bar. Clicking on the start image will take you to the default search engine. The star icon lets you access your favorite bookmarks. You can click the settings icon to open the context menu and see options like publishing, promotion, IE9 functionality. There are useful services on the new Tab page. IE9 monitors your search behavior online and places the most visited sites in the center of the screen. Below the logo and the name of the site there is a percentage bar indicating how long you have visited the URL. When circling over colored bars, the same situation applies a lot: web pages are set in descending order with the popular page in front of the line. At the bottom of the preview section of the web page you will find other tools. You can click the light bulb icon to find more websites that you might like. These sites are recommended based on the comments you have made on the forum. Next to this product there are Hide Practical websites. With the drop down arrow to add closed tabs, you can view your browsing history and select the previous URL link to reopen. Alternatively, you can get the latest website started quickly by selecting a sessionsoon. Open it again. If you do not want your computer to monitor your performance, you can start InPrivate Browsing. Internet Explorer 9 browser cannot store your data online in InPrivate mode. Excludes tracking cookie information, web files, viewing history, contact information. InPrivate lets you control Microsoft applications on your computer and Incognito Method does not prevent malicious software from accessing your personal information. You can find out when the privacy method is used because there is an InPrivate label to the left of the address bar to help you navigate the web. Je! The latest version of Internet Explorer? While you can still download and install Internet Explorer tools, Microsoft Edge software will replace IE platforms in 2015. If you’re looking for alternatives to Microsoft software, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari are the same search tools you can install for Edge . Safari is an Apple product, derived from Microsoft operating systems. which comes with iOS devices: Mac, iPhones, etc. Firefox is considered to be the most secure browser for protecting personal information from external and internal sources. In addition to being the most secure Firefox, it also uses less storage space on Google. It is often seen as the fastest browser. Fast Travel Load pages on iOS devices. With many open tabs, Firefox can load content faster than the Internet Explorer version of Google Chrome. Internet Explorer 9 offers a much shorter user experience for computer owners compared to previous versions of IE. During the installation process, the installer allows you to select from over 90 languages. Good design includes essential services: popular web preferences, personal status, new? Although downloading Internet Explorer 9 is still available for some Windows systems, the development of the ninth version of IE upgrade has been halted. Microsoft has replaced Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge software. You can visit their official website to read about their updates, industry news, privacy policy, cookies, laws, etc.

Internet Explorer 9

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