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We Are Here To Help You!

We put together this FAQ to help you better understand how Silverdome works. If you’re a current member and have questions about your experience, please reach out to us at admin@silverdomeproperty.co.uk

About Our Rooms & Facilities

Tell me about your Tribe? Who are your members?

Our members are usually between 21 and 35 and come from all around the world particularly Europe. Our tenants are highly educated professionals with high income. Their average age is 30 years and they come from all parts of the world. We care deeply about the community, mutual respect and hygiene standards. That’s why all potential members have to pass our evaluation process in order to be accepted into our Tribe.

What kind of shared spaces are in your buildings?

All our properties have been specifically designed and furnished to create an intricate user experience for all our tribe members. Fully equipped kitchen, a living room & a laundry room, garden (usually).

How is the standard bedroom equipped? Do I have to share a bathroom?

Standard bedrooms have a Double bed,, a workstation with a chair, a bedside table and lamp, wardrobes, chester drawers, rugs, and private storage. We also provide ensuite bedrooms and also rooms with shared bathrooms.

What's your availability?

Availability at our various Tribe depends essentially on our current occupancy rate, but also on the type of rooms you are looking for and the desired location. We are always expanding on our service provisions to allow for more tribe members. If there are no availability at the time of application, please leave us with your best contact and we will sure be in touch as soon as we have spaces opening up.

We operate a first-come-first-serve basis mode of operation for all applicants.

How many people are in each house?

In most of the Silverdome Co-living spaces, we have anywhere from 3 to 6 rooms, depending on the size of each house.

Can I see the house and room in person before my move-in date?

Absolutely, we will invite you for a physical tour before you begin the referencing process except where you are physically unable to do so..

We also offer a virtual tour with pictures of the house and a video tour. The video will give you a very good overview of all the rooms in the house. Any further queries can be directed to our admin team and we will be happy to address them as swiftly as we can.

Why are there no addresses of your houses on the website?

You will be provided with the property address upon application prior to your tour of our facilities.

About Your Stay

How can I get a room?

We are glad that you are interested in joining our community. Please apply online to verify room availability. If we have a room available at the date you’re looking for, you’ll be able to book a quick call with our team to help you find your ideal home.

What is included in the membership?

Beyond living & connecting with an open-minded community, your all-in-one monthly membership includes:

● A fully-furnished bedroom with private bathroom or shared bathrooms
● Abundant and well-decorated shared spaces
● Ultra fast WiFi in Room, Netflix,
● All utility costs including Wifi
● Weekly cleaning of the shared spaces
● Monthly events
● New friends

How long can I stay in a Silverdome house?

The minimum length of a stay is 6 months while the maximum is 3 years, but we are flexible as often as possible.

Can I make changes to my bedroom?

You can do pretty much what you want in your room as long as you do not damage walls, floors or other surfaces and return your bedroom to the state in which you found it.

Can I terminate my lease before its term?

Make a request by contacting our admin team by email. However, this is completely subject to our terms of agreement… We try to be as flexible.

How do I reserve a spot?

Your room is secured after you complete these important steps:
1. Send us your application
2. Schedule a facility tour
3. Pay initial holding deposit (25% of monthly rental) to secure the room.
4. Followed by an evaluation process usually takes 2 – 3 working days
5. Membership agreement signed / balance deposit + first month’s rent paid.

What is included in my bedroom?

Our rooms are fully furnished, equipped, and have almost everything you need. We say almost because the only things we don’t provide are your beddings. Rather travel light? We will provide you with our bedding pack at a minimal fee.

General Information

Can I invite a friend to stay with me?

For no more than 7 days per month with the consent of your housemates. We also request that discretion is applied – we like to be flexible, but guests can not pose a disturbance to your other housemates. If they are cool with it …we are.

May I smoke in the house?

No, our houses are smoke-free areas.

Are pets allowed?

Even though we love animals, pets are not allowed for hygienic reasons in the common spaces and for our members who may be allergic.


Measures we are taking to protect our Tribe members

– We send regular Government guidelines via texts and emails regularly to all members of our tribe.
– Delivered extra cleaning products to every house
– Created educational posters dictating what to do if someone has symptoms
– Delivered Quarantine Packs with some extra food and resources

Can I still rent a room and join the Silverdome Co-living Tribe?

Yes, the openings of the new houses have not been impacted. You can apply online or call our team directly and we will arrange all the details with you. Our booking is through a fully digital process.

Is it still possible to visit the house before signing an agreement?

Yes, thanks to our virtual tours you will be able to discover all common spaces of the house. You just have to apply and book your call to visit them virtually.

What if I have my move-in or move-out in the coming weeks or months?

  • We are really flexible and adaptive depending on your situation. We do
    our best to offer you the best move-in experience, despite the COVID-19
  • The day before you move in, we will ensure that you do not have the
    COVID-19 symptoms. When you move-in, you will receive a hand sanitizer. During your first few days, we recommend that you do not have much contact with your house’s existing members.

Where can I send my questions/concerns about COVID-19?

You can contact us at admin@silverdomeproperty.co.uk

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