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Ava is a deadly killer who works for an organization of black organizations that travels around the world and specializes in high-profile hits. When work goes dangerously wrong, he is forced to fight for his survival.
Tate Taylor writer:
Matthew Newton’s letter:
Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich, Full | Ava, a silent lone wolf and cold-blooded killer, begins to develop a conscience that is deadly beautiful and incredibly effective in her dangerous business. After beating up alcohol and drug abuse with Duke’s help, his death leader and father died, the unstable Ava allows more and more guilt to interfere with his “transactions” and attracts unwanted attention by violating protocol. As a result, after trying to remove the highly praised target after a long eight-year absence, Ava joins her foreign family, unaware that she has just signed a death warrant. Now that Ava is trying to reconcile old results and get in touch with loved ones, every killer in the company is chasing her. Can Ava trust the duke to bring her back?

Ava 2020

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